Over 15 million students prepare annually for competitive exams for govt. jobs in Banking, Railways, Teaching. Given the high level of competition for these jobs, enrolling in coaching classes has become practically mandatory, for applicants to develop a competitive edge. Parents want their wards to accelerate their way to prosperity. This aspiration is a clear factor pushing candidates to enroll in coaching for these competitive examinations.


Unfortunately, smaller towns and districts suffer a dearth of good coaching centers and trainers. This proves to be a disadvantage for the many candidates that prepare for competitive exams in these areas. Moreover, parents have to spend on food and stay apart from the fees to be paid for such coaching programs, which makes the overall cost of the program too high.


Recognizing the need, and to provide a solution to this problem, GRAS has deployed experienced trainers from Delhi to train candidates in these towns through live classes. The trainers are trained to provide the best curricula and test series, developed by experts. The net result is that these candidates are then able to receive quality training at their home, that improves their chances of succeeding when sitting the competitive exams.


Highlights of the program:-



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