India has a literacy rate of around 70%, which is less than some of the least developed countries, and when it comes to employability, only 20% of them are employable. Literacy is not just restricted to education but even broadens to the concept of skills, which comprises technical expertise, vocational skills, transferrable skills, digital skills, and other such knowledge and abilities required for employment and livelihood. According to a survey, only 25% of the Indian workforce has undergone a skill development program, and India needs a higher number of skilled workforce.

In this era, many organisations prefer skilled employees over less skilled ones as they have outstanding career growth, and they help boost the organization in the same way with proficient working. Skills intensify the productiveness and quality of work for more significant results. According to the World Trade Organization, the GDP level can increase up to 3%-5% in 2035, if India focuses on skill development and training. There is a great need for India to train and skill the youth for the overall development of the country.


GRAS Skills Foundation is an initiative of graduates from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata who share a common desire to bring about social change by empowering the unemployed and out-of-work youth by training them on vocational skills to make them Eduployable [Educated + Employable].


GRAS Skills Foundation is the non-profit making arm of GRAS Skills group operating for more than a decade under the name and style as GRAS EDUCATION & TRAINING SERVICES Private Limited. Our emphasis is to skill and provide placements in nearby vicinities and/or entrepreneurial opportunities. GRAS Foundation was launched in 2014, and over the years has successfully implemented various projects related to skills, social surveys and awareness campaigns.


GRAS Education has been a funded training partner of NSDC and has been in the vocational skills ecosystem since 2007 where we have trained and placed more than 100000 youth via various central and state government-run Skill India programs as well as CSR funded initiatives. Our aim is empowering the unemployed youth and women in India by providing them with relevant education and employment opportunities.